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Virtual RPG & DB2 Summit
October 28 — November 3, 2020
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October 13, 2020
New sessions added to Session Grid for October 2020 Virtual RPG & DB2 Summit.
September 28, 2020
Session Grid posted for October 2020 Virtual RPG & DB2 Summit.
July 14, 2020
New Hands-On Live! series features in-depth 1-day workshops on 10 vital IBM i development skillsets.
May 4, 2020
System i Developer hosts no-charge Summit Lunch & Learn Series, May 19 - June 17, 2020
February 6, 2020
2020 IBM i Champions Named: Congrats to Ted Holt, Scott Klement, Liam Allan, Alan Seiden, Mike Pavlak, Stephanie Rabbani, Charles Guarino, Susan Gantner, Jon Paris & Paul Tuohy!

The RPG & DB2 Summit - Spring 2011

We're always impressed by the motivation and energy attendees bring to the RPG & DB2 Summit, but never more than in Orlando, March 22-24. Engaged? You bet! Some attendees didn't even wait until they got home to implement what they learned. (Hey, Anthony! Guess you liked Mike Pavlak's session on Drupal?)

Even Mike Cain's flight fiasco didn't dissuade his Monday seminar registrants. Everyone chose to take the seminar on Wednesday evening rather than receive a refund. They worked until 9:30 pm, and Mike still earned rave reviews.

Also on Wednesday, a large group convened in our suite after a long day of classes for an open discussion on issues related to RPG and the Web. We talked different interfaces, touch screens, how to keep IBM i at the forefront. And iPads, of course!

Thanks to Orlando's outstanding weather, we took our traditional group shot outside by the fountain. How fast can Jon run after setting a camera timer? Only Summit alumni know for sure, but you can get a peek in the Summit Photo Gallery.

Of course, Dr. Frank Soltis' presence was one of the true highlights of this Summit. He filled us in on the success of IBM i in Japan, described how the IBM i community works together through a group called iManifest, and reminded us what happens when a casino moves from the reliable IBM i to "the dark side." (Hint: 26 hours of very costly downtime!)

Dr. Soltis struck a chord. After the keynote, attendees repeatedly asked us what they could do to help support the platform. For now, join iManifest and stay tuned for more ideas.

Thanks to everyone who made this Summit a success!

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