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Virtual RPG & DB2 Summit
October 28 — November 3, 2020
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February 10, 2020
Session Grid for March 2020 RPG & DB2 Summit features new workshop, new sessions.
February 6, 2020
2020 IBM i Champions Named: Congrats to Ted Holt, Scott Klement, Liam Allan, Alan Seiden, Mike Pavlak, Stephanie Rabbani, Charles Guarino, Susan Gantner, Jon Paris & Paul Tuohy!
December 2, 2019
Super-Saver registration open for March 2020 RPG & DB2 Summit in Dallas!
November 2, 2019
Take a photo tour of the October 2019 Summit in Minneapolis
November 28, 2018
RPG & DB2 Summit heads to Charlotte, NC, with new sessions on SQL, analytics, data integration

The RPG & DB2 Summit - Fall 2016

All eyes were on the future as motivated IBM i development pros convened in Chicago October 4-6 to learn how to move their IBM i applications forward and to celebrate the 20th RPG & DB2 Summit.

A healthy mix of seasoned RPGers and those new to IBM i development marked this milestone event.

Take a photo tour here.

19-year-old Summit speaker Liam Allan impressed attendees with his ideas on using embedded SQL for web requests as well as his enthusiasm for RPG.

With several other new-to-IBM-i Summiteers plus 6 students from Gateway Technical College, we were thrilled to see this infusion of new IBM i development talent.

The 20th Summit celebration included balloons, commemorative t-shirts, extra Alumni ribbons, and an ornery slideshow of the past 20 events (Trevor and Paul's Spock ears causing problems – imagine that!)

Scott Klement — who has spoken at every single Summit — earned 20 Alumni ribbons, our heart-felt appreciation and renewed hero status.

Another big shout out to Le Ann, Vicki and Tammy, who joined our special group of Super Alumni.

This was a particularly hard-working group. Over half of the delegates arrived a day early for hands-on workshops on one of four topics, then they went on to attend a full 3 days of technical sessions. Tireless!

Many thanks to IBM's Alison Butterill for her though-provoking keynote on IBM i in the Age of Digital Transformation, examining the exponential growth of unstructured data and how the IBM i is poised to help business leverage it.

On the lighter side, Ted Holt treated us to his customized RPG version of the classic Beatles song Let It Be. "C# is for weinies" indeed!

As always, the exceptional experts who round out the Summit family deserve kudos for its success: Scott Klement, Mike Cain, Tom McKinley, Barbara Morris, Mike Pavlak, Ted Holt, Doug Mack and new-to-Summit speakers Alan Seiden and Liam Allan. Our thanks to each of you.

Visit our Facebook page for more pictures of this Summit, and subscribe to our mailing list for news of the next RPG & DB2 Summit coming up in Orlando March 21-23, 2017. Hope to see you there!

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