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Virtual RPG & DB2 Summit
October 28 — November 3, 2020
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February 10, 2020
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February 6, 2020
2020 IBM i Champions Named: Congrats to Ted Holt, Scott Klement, Liam Allan, Alan Seiden, Mike Pavlak, Stephanie Rabbani, Charles Guarino, Susan Gantner, Jon Paris & Paul Tuohy!
December 2, 2019
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November 2, 2019
Take a photo tour of the October 2019 Summit in Minneapolis
November 28, 2018
RPG & DB2 Summit heads to Charlotte, NC, with new sessions on SQL, analytics, data integration

The RPG & DB2 Summit - Fall 2019

Even a freaky October snowfall didn't keep a record number of IBM i pros from attending the RPG & DB2 Summit in Minneapolis. Delegates from around the world - including Australia, Costa Rica, Spain, Sweden, India and Poland - arrived eager to get down to work.

Take a captioned photo tour of the event or download full-sized pics here.

The most exciting trend? The growing number of younger programmers actively embracing IBM i. Teams are using the RPG & DB2 Summit to help bridge the skills gaps between developers from different backgrounds, a smart way to take your valuable IBM i business logic into the future.

Workshop-goers started early Monday with 8 hours of in-depth training on a single technology. Talk about lasting value!

At opening session Tuesday, we welcomed several IT executives who flew in for the IBM i CIO Summit. We also honored four new Super Alumni for having at least five Summits to their credit. Congratulations (and Kindles!) to Julie, Emily, Ken and John!

Liam's Extending RPG with Db2 for i Functions attracted the biggest audience, with overflow into the hallway. The Db2 track featured three rising stars from IBM, Sarah Mackenzie, Quinn Kramer, and Sue Romano.

Attendees showed growing interest in open source, with record attendance at the Open Source Roundtable and lots of questions for the Open Source Squad.

We heard veteran developers reminding themselves (and others) to use modern language to describe IBM i functions. Jon even had to chastise himself during a session for saying "physical file" instead of "table." His "Naughty, naughty, naughty!" elicited peals of laughter. Alas, no photo evidence of the visual to that.

Of course, no Summit is complete without the Tuesday evening performance by the RPG Five and Ted Holt's Thursday afternoon sing-along. Thanks to Alan, Ted, Steph, Barbara, Paul and Doug for making us smile through their music and lyrics.

During the feedback session on the final day, a group of about 40 people witnessed an extraordinary event. Jon finally admitted "Paul is right!"

As always, the exceptional experts who round out the Summit family deserve praise for sharing their expertise so freely. Scott Klement, Barbara Morris, Ted Holt, Scott Forstie, Rob Bestgen, Liam Allan, Alan Seiden, Mike Pavlak, Steph Rabbani, Charlie Guarino… we couldn't do it without you!

Keep in touch via our mailing list for news of the next RPG & DB2 Summit in Dallas, March 24-26. Hope to see you there!

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