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Virtual RPG & DB2 Summit
October 28 — November 3, 2020
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October 13, 2020
New sessions added to Session Grid for October 2020 Virtual RPG & DB2 Summit.
September 28, 2020
Session Grid posted for October 2020 Virtual RPG & DB2 Summit.
July 14, 2020
New Hands-On Live! series features in-depth 1-day workshops on 10 vital IBM i development skillsets.
May 4, 2020
System i Developer hosts no-charge Summit Lunch & Learn Series, May 19 - June 17, 2020
February 6, 2020
2020 IBM i Champions Named: Congrats to Ted Holt, Scott Klement, Liam Allan, Alan Seiden, Mike Pavlak, Stephanie Rabbani, Charles Guarino, Susan Gantner, Jon Paris & Paul Tuohy!

System i Community

System i Developer endorses a wide range of other organizations that share our mission of building community, vitality, and learning among the designers and caretakers of System i software applications. Check below for resources you can put to use today.

Discussion Groups

Midrange.Com Mailing Lists
This site sponsors the most active discussion groups, providing access to mailing lists that can answer all of your questions about iSeries. Be sure to check out the Archives and the FAQ.

Young i Professionals
The Young i Professionals are an international group of technology professionals that represent all "young" entrants into the job market or "young" users of IBM i, iSeries, System i, and AS/400. See what young minds can bring to the platform!

RPG Café
The IBM site for all things RPG and RDi. As it says on the site "the place for RPG developers and IBM developers to mingle and discuss our favorite language. We'll talk about the language itself, its history, and its future. We will discuss the tools that support it and the directions they are taking. We hope this is a lively area of the Web."

RDi Hub Forum
IBM discussion group for all Rational tools as they relate to IBM i.

DB2 for i
IBM discussion group for DB2 for i.

SAP on IBM i
An SAP community dedicated to SAP on IBM i.

SAP on IBM i Wiki - IBM developerWorks
IBM developerWorks community for SAP on IBM i.


i Talk with Tuohy
Paul Tuohy interviews anyone and everyone in the industry!!

Inspiration, opinions and discussions with SiD's very own Jon Paris and Susan Gantner.

DB2 for i with Mike Cain
Insight and perspectives on data management using IBM i.

You and i with Steve Will
IBM i Trends and Strategies.

i Can with Dawn May
Technical Tips for i.

Modern-i-zation with Tim Rowe
Application development topics from a modernization perspective.

IBM Info and Redbooks/Documentation

IBM i Strategy and Roadmap

IBM i (System i, i5, iSeries and AS/400) Home Page
For all the IBM information pertaining to IBM i.

IBM i Knowledge Center
For all IBM i documentation. A lot of valuable information can be found in the Red Books section.

Redbooks provide an excellent source for additional information on all sorts of topics. Make sure you check out Who Knew You Could Do That with RPG IV? A Sorcerer's Guide to System Access and More. as well as Modernize IBM i Applications

iAdvocate Resources
Free materials to help IBM i professionals articulate the advantages of the IBM i to management. It also contains information on how to hone your advocacy skills and to get into the position to influence decision makers within your organization.

News and Publications

Read articles from Jon Paris and Susan Gantner in IBM Systems Magazine's monthly i5 Extra e-zine. Click here for a free subscription!

IBM Systems Magazine
IT Jungle
MC Press Online

Our Favorite RPG/DB2 Conference

RPG & DB2 Summit
The Summit offers a new conference experience focused solely on the RPG and DB2 skills you need for your daily work. Not Java, not Domino, not System Administration - just the very latest and greatest in practical RPG and DB2 education that you can apply as soon as you return to the office. All condensed into an intensive three day learning experience.

User Groups

COMMON is the world's largest user group of IBM midrange users, and they organize a number of System i educational events during the year. The four leaders of the System i Developer consortium speak frequently at COMMON events, and they've won numerous Speaker Excellence awards.

Check the web site for details of the annual European convention.

Local User Groups
You may also want to locate a local user group near you.


The home page for Jon Paris and Susan Gantner - educators, consultants, mentors and gurus for RPG and ILE.

ComCon Computer Consultants
ComCon, led by Paul Touhy, is a leading provider of System i (i5, iSeries and AS/400) training, education and consultancy.

Scott Klement
Scott's award-winning web site contains many excellent tutorials relating to RPG - especially his tutorial on Sockets and TCP programming.

Free Tools

Easy400 (including CGIDEV2)
This is the home of CGI WEB development tools for iSeries, free tools from IBM that enable RPG and COBOL programmers to develop full-functional e-business solutions by simply exploiting their current skills. This is the fastest way for RPG and COBOL programmers to become "web savvy".

Documenting RPG
RPGLEDOC - Document Procedure and Program Calls - is the RPGLE equivalent of JavaDoc and PHPDoc, whereby programmers put special comments in their code and a command is used to scan the code and generate documentation web pages from the comments.

RPG Chart Engine
Generate pie charts, bar graphs and more right from your RPG using simple ILE calls!

RPGMAILv2 is a set of RPG sub procedures that utilize the JavaMail API's from Sun to send emails with ease from your iSeries RPG program without limitations on the amount of addresses or attachments that can be used within the email.

RSE Extensions
This free download provides several useful plug-ins to make your WDSC workspace more productive. Access spooled file output, System i messages, dual source editing windows, and more without leaving the WDSC environment.

RSE Keyboard Shortcuts
This useful PDF download contains System i Developer's favorite RSE keyboard shortcuts.

RSE Quick Start Guide
This Quick Start Guide is designed to help speed your transition from SEU to RSE (Remote System Explorer) so that you can experience the productivity benefits right away.

Subversion for OS/400
This port of the award-winning open source version control tool, Subversion, runs natively on the iSeries to help you manage XML, Java, .NET, or any other non-traditional source code.

A great collection of Freeware tools from Thomas Raddatz. From utilities like Compare Message File and Export Journal entries to a service program for Dynamic Screen Management, as well as code snippets such as prototypes for some C functions.

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