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Virtual RPG & DB2 Summit
October 28 — November 3, 2020
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February 10, 2020
Session Grid for March 2020 RPG & DB2 Summit features new workshop, new sessions.
February 6, 2020
2020 IBM i Champions Named: Congrats to Ted Holt, Scott Klement, Liam Allan, Alan Seiden, Mike Pavlak, Stephanie Rabbani, Charles Guarino, Susan Gantner, Jon Paris & Paul Tuohy!
December 2, 2019
Super-Saver registration open for March 2020 RPG & DB2 Summit in Dallas!
November 2, 2019
Take a photo tour of the October 2019 Summit in Minneapolis
November 28, 2018
RPG & DB2 Summit heads to Charlotte, NC, with new sessions on SQL, analytics, data integration

System i Developer Custom Services

The System i Developer (SiD) team offers a wide range of custom services delivered by recognized experts to help you leverage key IBM i technologies in your unique environment. Whether you need to kick-start a critical development project, or train your entire development staff on newer technologies such as RPG IV, embedded SQL, PHP or RSE, we can help. Choose from among several services to build a program that's perfect for your situation.

    Prepare your applications for the future more efficiently with targeted education tailored to your specific environment. We will work with you to select the most appropriate training agenda based on your current priorities as well as the skill level and interests of your staff.

    Get the best advice on how to squeeze the most from your applications and system. Our application reviews will help you find the best path towards achieving even your most challenging development goals.

    Sometimes, the best way to learn is to see how it is done. We can develop "pilot" or proof-of-concept projects to show you how to implement new technologies.

    Our mentoring services help your staff on an on-going basis. Mentoring is particularly useful for companies who want to implement new technologies at a rapid pace and require their staff to be fully proficient at all times.

Sample Training Topics

The following represents just a sample of SiD's training topics. We will help you choose an instructor based on both your personal preference and the topics you need covered. Your instructor will then work closely with you to build a specific agenda and a schedule that best suits your needs and the current skill levels of your staff.
  • Replacing SEU with RSE and RDi
  • SQL for IBM i Developers
  • Web Services & RPG
  • Free-Form RPG
  • Modernizing Your RPG Applications
  • Modernizing Your DB2 for i Database
  • Subroutines to Subprocedures & Service Programs
  • Using Embedded SQL in RPG IV
  • Creating & Managing Database Objects
  • Stored Procedures and Triggers
  • Moving to RPG IV and ILE
  • Advanced RPG IV and ILE
  • IBM i Navigator for Programmers
  • RPG Meets the Web
  • RPG Open Access
  • HTML/Javascript/CSS for RPG Developers
  • XML for RPG Programmers
  • PHP for RPG Programmers
  • ILE for COBOL Programmers
  • Pointers and User Spaces
  • IBM i for Application Developers
  • 7.1 & 7.2 for Application Developers
  • Intro to IBM i and RPG

Whatever the topic or type of service, SiD trains your staff to be self-sufficient, making sure they have the tools and knowledge they need to build and maintain any type of application your management may require.

Contact us to find out if our custom services can help solve your current development challenge.

Don't see the training you need? Take a look at our DB2 for i custom services.

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